Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the International Congress on Social Sciences (USOS) will be held in Andalus (Granada), Spain in cooperation with Turkish Studies Journal and Malaga University. We will be honoured to host you there in Granada, the charming city of Spain.

The Congress aims at bringing the researchers and scholars from all of the sub-fields of Social Sciences together to share recent theoretical and applied studies. The research topics include –but not limited to


1.      Communication

2.      Business

3.      Music

4.      Psychology

5.      Political Sciences

6.      Sociology

7.      History

8.      Theology *

9.      Anthropology

10.   Archaeology

11.   Geography

12.   Linguistics

13.   Literature

14.   Education

15.   Economy

16.   Philosophy

17.   Philology

18.   Law

19.   Physical Sciences and Sports

20.   Fine Arts

21.   Painting

22.   Sculpturing

23.   Performing Arts

24.   Journalism

25.   TV-Film Arts

26.   Art History

* 1-Society and Islamic Sciences

2-Religion and Literature

3- Religion and Arts

4- Religion and Language

5- Religion and Philosophy

6- Religion and Education

7- Religion and Sociology

8- Religion and History

9- Religion and Geography

10- Religion and Psychology


The deadline for abstract submission is 21 July, 2017. Submissions languages are Turkish, English, Arabic and Spanish. Based on the participants’ preferences and availability of the issues, the full text manuscripts accepted for the congress will be published in one of the following journals or in an edited book with ISBN :


Ø  Turkish Online Journal of English Language Teaching (indexed in MLA, TEİ)

Ø  International Journal of Languages Education and Teaching  (indexed in MLA)

Ø  International Journal of Education, Science and Technology (IJEST)

Ø  National Journal of Education Academy (NJEA)

Ø  Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology  (indexed in MLA)

Ø  Turkish Studies (indexed in MLA, TEİ)



Please contact us via for any queries and follow the updates at

Hope to meet in Granada in September 2017! 

Organizing Committee


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